Everybody is photogenic, it just depends on the photographer

Professional Photographers are so expensive

You couldn't be more right, blog title. 

Hi guys. 

I just updated my pricing page, and I wanted to give you a little insight as to why my pricing has gone up, and why most photographers seem to be charging an arm and a leg. 

I decided to increase my prices, mainly because I am giving more per package. With my packages you will get retouched images (which include black and whites) and some even have albums or photo books.

A lot of the work that I will be doing for you is behind the scenes. You may only see me for an hour or two and think, "Wow, she's getting $250 an hour! Must be nice." But, this is not entirely true. 

Other photographers and myself do a lot of work after we leave you. There is selecting the best photos for you, retouching them to make them even more perfect, getting things printed, and maybe even designing a photo book. This is why we charge what we do. So the more photos we take, the higher the price. Also, we like to cover the time it takes to get to a location and the time we are spending at said location. 

I'm not increasing my prices to be mean, I am increasing my prices because I am able to offer you more. 

Keep in mind, every package I offer can be customized. Please, don't be afraid to ask to alter one to better fit your needs and/or budget. 

Until next time,