Everybody is photogenic, it just depends on the photographer

Long Time no Post

Hello all! 

I do apologize for my recent absence. Silly me, forgetting about this blog. In reality I just didn't know what to post. But! I have good news. I am doing a photoshoot this weekend with one of my dear friends, just for the fun of it. 

Last week I was able to attend the WPPi Conference in Las Vegas (woo!) While I was there I was able to take a couple classes, hear some lectures, and walk around the HUNDREDS of booths with new products. So, naturally, I was inspired. 

I am wanting to do some styled shoots in the desert. Pretty dresses and tulle sound like a great way to photograph a woman in the desert. One shoot is this weekend and I have another one planned for next weekend as well. Being surrounded by thousands of talented photographers and their work really inspired me to get behind the camera again. Working as a photo editor is great, I love editing, but I do miss taking and creating the images myself from time to time. So why not do a couple styled shoots?! 

Don't mind my semi (mostly) terrible cell phone pictures. 

Until next time!